Invasive Species

The Shuswap Lakes are a vital water source for a large number of communities with a rapidly growing population. The rich wildlife and diverse fish habitat has been a good indicator for a healthy and well balanced environment. In 1998 started an environmental research project to monitor lake water quality, pollution, algae blooms, raw sewage inflow, and more. The initial findings based on water sampling and analysys were quite concerning. A lot has improved since then as many new regulations have been put in place. However, not all is perfect and some sources of pollution have not been properly addressed yet. Therefore, this page has become outdated and we decided to remove our old environmental content from this web site.

Algae blooms, occasional beach closures, and water boil notices are still a recurring reality. We will continue to monitor and report those matters on this web site. Furthermore, we are planning to restart our environmental research project sometimes later next year, which will also include other lakes and rivers within the Shuswap Lake watershed.

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