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Shuswap Lake Data Table     (Metric)
Metrics (m / cm / ºC) Imperial (ft. / in. / F) Last 30 Days
Date Lake Level Level Change Surface Water
Weather Bridge
  m cm ºC ºC ºC Code m

Statistics for Selected Period
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Lake Levels   Air Temperature / Weather
Highest Level: : m 0 ft.   Selection High Selection Low
Lowest Level: : m 0 ft.  
Level Difference:   0.000 cm 0 in.   °C °C
Daily Level Changes   F F
Daily Change max: cm 0 in.   Low/High Difference:
Daily Change min: cm 0 in.   °C F
Daily Change Avg:   0.00 cm 0 in.   Day / Night Average:
    Day Avg. Night Avg.
Water Temperatures   °C °C
Water Temp. Low: F °C   32 F 32 F
Water Temp. High: F °C   Average for Selected Period:
Water Temp. Avg:   F °C   °C 32 F

Days of Weather Code:  0       0       0       0  

Day Count by Weather Codes: sss: 0    ssc: 0    scc: 0    scr: 0    ccc: 0
ccr: 0    crr: 0    rrr: 0    scx: 0    ccx: 0
crx: 0    cxx: 0    rrx: 0    rxx: 0    xxx: 0
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