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Advertising on

We are now accepting new banner advertising on this web site. has been consistently growing in content and site visitations over the past years.
Since we started to track and record snowpack levels and winter conditions in the mountains 2 years ago, site visitations during the winter months have been increasing substantially.

The time has come to include more winter sport and back-country related information to our content.
However, before we can add additional web content, needs to be redesigned from ground up. This process has already started and is well underway, followed by an additional site version specifically designed for mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) as well as an Android / Apple app for quick-checking latest lake and snowpack information.
Furthermore, we are currently researching various key locations around the lake to install year-round live lake cameras to be viewed on

Maintaining has become increasingly time consuming and expensive. Each daily update is preceded by downloading, analyzing, correcting data point errors, and summarizing 41 station data sets containing 8228 individual data records (not including our own lake measurements, wildfires, weather warnings, and news events) before we can update our databases, regenerate the graphs and charts, and finally uploading the daily updates to our web site. Moreover, during peak summer and winter periods we engage in extensive travels throughout the 15,500 km2 of the Shuswap watershed to visually review and document flood events or snow conditions in the mountains.

Funding the expenses of operating and maintaining this web site has become increasingly challenging. Therefore, we decided to open up more advertising spots and, for a limited time only, also accept short-term advertising on a monthly basis.

You can also support by becoming a monthly sponsor or by making a on-time donation.
All currently available payment options are listed here.

For inquiries, questions, or further information please contact us at or by phone / text messaging at (250) 803-2228.

Thank you,
Bernhard Kramer
Founder / Operator Advertising (January 2020 to December 2021)

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